New Era Support Services

Working Together

"We want to understand how all of these
in-home care services work. We need to know the options and how much they will cost. Most importantly, we are concerned about always getting the quality of service we were promised in the beginning."

These are all very reasonable requests and New Era Support Services Inc. is ready and able to respond. This is especially true for custodial care if you:

  • have concerns about costs.
  • need help coordinating services.
  • live far away from your loved one.
  • have a loved one who resists changes.
  • cannot balance the demands of work and family.
  • become confused with all of the service providers.

Every Detail Covered

Knowledge is power and you can get all of the details from the documents listed below. Scan the Process for Delivering Services diagram to learn more about the overall process. Review the agreements below to see how we provide care and employ caregivers.

    Predictable Results

    Keep in mind that we can start the process with a no-obligation consultation. But first, consider taking a look at the documents available on this page. Then, go to the Contact Us page and fill out the Request for Consultation form. Or, simply call or send an email.

    Notice right away that New Era Support Services Inc. has all of the details covered. We follow a
    well-organized process with logical steps. You always have options available with ample opportunities to make informed decisions. Where appropriate, we will also provide the financial and government expertise you require for issues related to insurance, regulations and agencies.

    Then, discover how we can ensure consistent, high-quality services based on detailed policies and procedures. This includes hiring and managing dependable caregivers using crystal-clear employment agreements and clearly defined job assignments. And finally, lets us demonstrate how we manage the process through a combination of close supervision and random monitoring of every care situation.