New Era Support Services

Task Helper

Sometimes completing a simple task, such as getting into the bathroom, can be a major accomplishment. We understand that all too well. Other times, a person's condition simply prevents them from successfully performing everyday tasks. Those are just two of the many reasons why we offer task helper services. Here are just a few of the numerous daily duties we can gladly perform.

  • Arrange, Transport and Escort to Doctor Appointments
  • Pickup Prescriptions and Provide Medication Reminders
  • Transport and Escort to Salon Appointments and Shopping
  • Monitor Diet and Nutrition Requirements
  • Offer Help with Reading
  • Organize, Prepare and Mail Bills and Correspondence
  • Maintain Personal Calendar and Provide Reminders
  • Run Errands and Provide Respite Care
  • Assist with Pet and Plant Care Tasks

Keeping on Track

It is important for most people to close up the loose ends, get things organized, keep on track and fulfill obligations. Knowing that everything is in place and that there will be no big surprises is often as important as feeling well. In fact, it can make almost anyone feel better, such as the scenario described on this page.

    SCENARIO: Bed Rest Ordered

    Angela is a very busy executive. She is in the second trimester of her first pregnancy—and started to experience cramps and great discomfort. Her doctor ordered bed rest. So Angela stays home in bed most of the time, where she works on a lap top and talks on the phone. Her husband travels frequently on business, so they decided to find someone to help Angela with a variety of tasks.

    The optimum arrangement is to perform tasks that Angela cannot do herself. At the beginning of each weekday, the caregiver calls Angela to establish the day's priorities. First, the caregiver runs errands including picking up documents at Angela's workplace. Then, she arranges or prepares lunch. Afterwards, she tends to the dog and spends the balance of the time on light housekeeping tasks. Click on the links below to learn more about our other types of services.

    • Personal care to ensure that clients are well-kept and in good health.
    • Homemaker services to help with the housekeeping, groceries, meal preparation, dishes and laundry.
    • Companion services to keep clients occupied and engaged in daily living activities.