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Every home care scenario has unique requirements. Some situations involve short-term engagements for specific services. Other cases can have more complex demands that require full-time, around-the-clock care...
such as the scenario described on this page.
No matter what, our goal is to provide peace of mind for you as well as the following tangible benefits for each of our clients.

  • Security
  • Relief
  • Comfort
  • Independence

...for Every Individual

Expect us to do everything possible for your loved one. This includes helping people make their own choices and maintain their daily routines. It also encompasses vigilance concerning their physical and mental health. And, it extends all the way to furnishing genuine, empathetic companionship while serving every individual.

    SCENARIO: Keeping Mom in her Home

    Bob lives in Arizona. His mother Denise still lives in the Midwest. Denise is 77 and reasonably healthy. Recently, Bob became concerned about his mother so he requested that a social worker evaluate her situation. Denise was diagnosed with early on-set dementia. She was not taking her medication as prescribed. In addition, she was unkempt and spoiled food was all over the kitchen.

    Bob realized that his mom could no longer stay in her home and take care of herself. So, he found a cost-effective way to do that through the services of an in-home non-medical care provider. The full range of resources and expertise like those from New Era Support Services Inc. enable Denise to continue living at home through services such as:

    • Personal care to ensure that clients are well-kept and in good health.
    • Task helper assistance to run errands, escort and transport clients to appointments, offer reminders about taking medication, and to help with maintaining their calendars.
    • Homemaker services to help with the housekeeping, groceries, meal preparation, dishes and laundry.
    • Companion services to keep clients occupied and engaged in daily living activities.