New Era Support Services


It doesn't take much—a warm hand, a kind gesture, a pleasant smile. It helps melt away the loneliness; it softens the bitterness. Just being there can be every bit as important as performing a chore for someone. Rest assured, we can be there when a client needs to have us around. It's that simple. It's the right thing to do for anyone. So, ask us to provide creative services such as the activities listed here.

  • Provide Conversation
  • Play Games and Cards
    and Assemble Puzzles
  • Rent and Play Movies
  • Transport and Escort to
    Religious and Social Activities
  • Organize, Prepare and
    Assist with Crafts
  • Plan Visits with Family,
    Friends and Neighbors
  • Assist in Researching Available Community Resources

Melt Away the Loneliness

Each person has different interaction needs and we understand that clearly. One individual might benefit from an hour or two, while someone else might require more continuous care. The scenario on this page is just one example. Contact us to learn more about how this service can make all the difference to someone who needs companionship.

    SCENARIO: We Need a Little Break

    John is 21 and lives at home. He has severe cerebral palsy and his parents do not want him to be left alone. John's mom and dad are his primary caregivers and they do an excellent job. They simply need a short respite or two during the week. They are passionate about Wednesday night bible study and the Friday night fish fry—and they sincerely want to resume those and other activities.

    John's parents want him to have an experienced companion when they are away. So, the most suitable approach is to have a companion come to the house on scheduled evenings. The caregiver arrives prepared with activities to ensure that John enjoys the evenings his parents are away. This includes watching selected movies, playing cards and discussing John's personal interests. Click on the links below to learn more about our other types of services.

    • Personal care to ensure that clients are well-kept and in good health.
    • Task helper assistance to run errands, escort and transport clients to appointments, offer reminders about taking medication, and help with maintaining their calendars.
    • Homemaker services to help with the housekeeping, groceries, meal preparation, dishes and laundry.